Family owned and operated, we use high quality shingles and treat every home as if it were our own.  Our supervised crew uses tarps to protect your lawn and make sure no mess gets left behind. 


We guarantee high-quality work for each and every project. Check out reviews of our recent work,and you'll agree that we're the best choice for your new roof.

Services That We Provide:

Residential, Commercial,Townhouses, Schools, Churches

New shingles

Flat Roofs

Metal Roofs

Eaves, Soffit, Fascia



Repairs to leaks



Plywood replacement

Our services


At Reliable Roofers our goal is to provide your home with the best roof possible and back that up with the best service.  This is why our warranty is very simple.  For 12 years following the istallation of your new roof there are NO EXCLUSIONS. Yes you did read that correctly, no need to rub your eyes :) 

Many companies will look for reasons not to cover you, we know that because we fix many mistakes that others make. If there are any problems associated with our workmanship just call our office 24/7

We provide our customers with year round protection and you will never hear NO from us.   Just call our office at 416-285-7663 anytime you have questions or concerns.

Reliable Roofers in the Community

We've helped many low income families with their roofing needs. We sponsor kids sports and activities in our community.  If you know someone involved in your community in need of a roof, please fill out the form in the quotes section explaining why you feel they need/deserve assistance and each year we select a deserving family to help out. 


What Makes Us Different?

We get asked this question all the time.  Customers are confused why they have estimates that are all over the place.  They hear confusing information about products that they need or don't need.

This is what separates Reliable Roofers. 

  • We provide you with a fair written estimate.
  • We protect your roof with high quality materials
  • We exceed manufacturer specifications
  • We usually do more work than the average roofer.
  • We back this up with the best warranty

Its simple to just take shingles off and put new ones on.  My father always told me, "do every house as if it was your own"

This has become a policy at Reliable Roofers. Every house is done as if its our own.  What does this mean for our customers?

It simply means that if there is something that we encounter while changing your roof that needs to be fixed, we do it.  For example, if we see a piece of wood that's rotting or mouldy, we change it.  We don't come knocking on your door asking for more money.  Our customers are surprised when we show them all the extras we encounter and don't charge for.  After all who likes unpleasant surprises?