Eaves, Fascia, Soffit

Elevate the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your home with our Eaves, Fascia, and Soffit Services.

From repairs and maintenance to comprehensive replacements, we ensure your eaves, fascia, and soffits are in impeccable condition, safeguarding against water damage, improving ventilation, and boosting curb appeal.

Eaves, Fascia, & Soffit Services
in Toronto and the G.T.A.

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Whether your eaves are dripping and pooling water, or just look old and worn out, give us a call and have our team inspect them.

Leaky eaves can be annoying in both summer snd winter. Leaky eaves cause other elements of your house to deteriorate, such as brick or wood, and can be very dangerous in winter months causing slippery ice to form. Water sitting in eaves and not draining properly puts heavy pressure on them and allows mosquitoes to breed right next to your home. Let us show you different options for eaves replacement, including leaf guards, new fascia and soffits as well.

Even better, combine your new roof with eaves and we will provide you with a discount.

Together, eaves, fascia, and soffit form a cohesive system that protects the structural integrity of a building while enhancing its appearance. Properly installed and maintained, these components help to ensure the longevity and durability of the roof and contribute to the overall curb appeal and value of the property.


Situated at the lower edge of a roof, the eaves extend beyond the walls of the building, providing protection from the elements. They prevent water from dripping directly onto the exterior walls and foundation, helping to prevent water damage and erosion. Eaves also contribute to the architectural style of a building and may be adorned with decorative elements such as brackets or corbels.


The fascia board is mounted along the lower edge of the roof trusses or rafters, directly behind the eaves. It serves as a finishing trim that covers the ends of the roof rafters and provides a smooth, even appearance to the roofline. Fascia boards also play a functional role by supporting the lower edge of the roof and providing a surface for attaching gutters, downspouts, and other drainage components.


Located underneath the eaves and fascia, the soffit is the underside of the roof overhang. Soffits are typically ventilated to allow air to flow into the attic space, helping to regulate temperature and humidity levels and prevent moisture buildup. In addition to ventilation, soffits may also feature decorative elements or be finished with materials that complement the overall aesthetic of the building.

Our Work process

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Initiate the process with a thorough consultation to understand the project.


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You will get a written quote “custom to your home and needs” outlining exactly what needs to be done.



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What Makes Us Different

We get asked this question all the time. Customers are confused why they have estimates from roofing companies that are all over the place. They hear confusing information about products that they need or don’t need.

Its simple to just take shingles off and put new ones on. My father always told me, “do every house as if it was your own”. This has become a policy at Reliable Roofers. Every house is done as if its our own. What does this mean for our customers?

  • We provide you with a fair written estimate

  • We protect your roof with high quality materials

  • We usually do more work than the average roofer.

  • We back this up with the best warranty

It simply means that if there is something that we encounter while changing your roof that needs to be fixed, we do it. For example, if we see a piece of wood that’s rotting or mouldy, we change it. We don’t come knocking on your door asking for more money. Our customers are surprised when we show them all the extras we encounter and don’t charge for. After all who likes unpleasant surprises? This is the kind of roofing service we provide our customers.